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Lambodhara Textiles Ltd was founded in 1994 with a capacity of 3,024 spindles. Over the years the company has grown in size and currently has a capacity of 37,856 spindles, with 33,224 spindles producing fancy yarns. The mill is fully modernized with state of art technology and infrastructure. We produce yarns in a count range from 10s to 60s. We specialize in manufacturing slub yarns, multi count and multi twist yarns, siro yarns and neppy yarns. We produce yarns using Polyester, Polyester variants, Viscose, Modal, Excel and Flax as raw materials.

Lambodhara Textiles is today a dominant player in the fancy yarn market utilizing the latest technology, superior quality raw materials and stringent quality control. We are well established in the domestic market and command premiums for our products. We commenced exports in 2011 and the volume has grown exponentially since then.

State-of-the-art machinery combined with efficient manufacturing processes, technical expertise and skilled labor coupled with innovation is the key to our growth and success. At Lambodhara, we are innovating continuously to cater to the needs of our customers. We produce customized yarns using various fibers, numerous blends and numerous effects based on the requirements.

  • To maximize Shareholders wealth.
  • To create value for our customers.
  • To provide gainful employment to people.
  • To provide the best possible working environment.
  • To build capacity using the latest technology.
  • To build ethical long term relationships with people associated with us in all fronts.
Future Plans
  • To increase our capacity to 60000 spindles in the next 3 to 4 years.
  • To invest in the latest technology to increase the number of effects in our fancy yarns basket.
  • To find new markets for our products.
  • To innovate with new fibers in order to increase the value addition of our products.
  • To increase our windmill capacity to ensure our entire power requirement is met through wind energy.
Speedframe LMW
Ringframe LMW, REITER
Autoconer SAVIO / Schlafhorst

We have windmill capacity of 1.25 MW and 1.5 MW (Suzlon) totaling to 2.75 MW. The power generation from these windmills takes care of 45% of our power requirement.

We have a connected load of 3200 KVA to run the mill. We also have a 100% generator backup for the same.


Slub Yarns, Multi Count and Multi Twist Yarns, Siro Yarns, Neppy Yarns. These yarns can be produced using a multitude of fibers (as Polyester, Polyester Variants, Viscose, Modal, Excel and Flax) in any blend required by the customer. These yarns can be made for weaving or knitting.

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Pioneer Apartments
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Telefax: +91 422 2249038
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